An $85 Cocktail And Artistic Inspiration At NYC’s The Renwick Hotel


Need a little inspiration? Look no further than The Renwick Hotel. If the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck can find their voice here, you might be able to as well.

The former Hotel Bedford, which is now a modern 173-room hotel, was once filled with oversized artist studios and lofts. The now Renwick Hotel has been developed around the building’s rich artistic and creative history. From the art-filled lobby to each and every room, you will find artistic references throughout The Renwick. To remember the property’s past as a popular hub for some of the world’s most famous writers and creatives, they have dedicated 33 of their best suites to some of their most celebrated tenants of years past. You can even find Hotel Bedford referenced in John Steinbeck’s “A Russian Journal” to Robert Capa’s biography, and “Blood and Champagne: the Life and Times of Robert Capa” by Alex Kershaw.

To get your creative juices flowing, The Renwick Hotel has curated a bespoke cocktail experience based on your favorite authors. What’s a casual $85 cocktail in return for the best article you’ve ever written? Hypothetically, of course. So while you sip on you’re inspired, and inspiring cocktail, you will enjoy being surrounded by items found in an artist’s studio from provocative artwork found on the walls to easel-inspired TV stands and a patterned carpet reminiscent of paint-splattered concrete.

The Midtown Manhattan hotel, found just a few feet away from Grand Central Station, provides a central location for the perfect tranquil getaway.