Mix It Up in the Sky With Grey Goose & Blade’s Luxe Mixology Experience


With Memorial Weekend just a week away, today Grey Goose and BLADE have announce plans for a summer partnership to boost the traveling experience for their elite consumers. The luxe vodka company and on-demand short distance aviation company will now offer an unmatched mixology experience across its seven heliport and airport lounges in three states.

“This is a compelling way for two brands to join forces, who share a passion for both travel and adventure and create new ways to advance the aviation experience. For us, the sponsorship is a natural fit. The BLADE flyer expects their air travel to be as enjoyable as the time at their destination, and that experience begins when passengers step into our lounges,” said Rob Wiesenthal, founder and CEO of BLADE.

Grey Goose global vice president Tom Swift added, “We are making a significant investment in creating more luxury experiences in the world of travel to celebrate those who are true innovators. In the same way that GREY GOOSE is famed for challenging convention to produce a vodka of exceptional quality, BLADE is creating unrivaled new experiences in travel, that enables consumers to arrive where they need to be, faster and more elegantly than ever before.”

The first flight kicking off the partnership will take place Friday, May 27th. Jet setters will be able to enjoy a decadent cocktail experience from the moment they check in to the moment they land at their destination. The signature cocktail from the luxury vodka company is the Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz. In addition to the vodka, it features St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur, freshly squeezed lime and sparkling water.

To book a flight with BLADE, travel aficionados must download the app. Once the app is installed, you can search the flights that are on the app, find a time that works for you, book a seat and just like that you are on your way. You can also launch your own crowdsourced charter flight and leave when you want.

BLADE’s Routes Are:

Hamptons / Fire Island
Florida / Bahamas
Nantucket / Martha’s Vineyard / Cape Cod

Since the digital aviation company launched in 2014, it has added BLADE Bounce, an on-demand helicopter transfer charter service to all New York area airports.