London’s Most Amazing Gin Bar Boasts Over 14,000 Options


“The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire,” Winston Churchill. Tis’ true, Londoners and gin have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship. This love has transformed into the internationally recognized (and British) Beefeater gin brand and the city’s very own style, the London Dry Gin. However the relationship doesn’t stop there. It continues to flourish and grow. Most recently, it has developed into London’s largest gin bar at the Rosewood London hotel.

If you’re one of London’s gin lovers, this is about to be your new favorite place. The fittingly named Gin Bar at the hotel’s Holborn Dining Room boasts an insane 14,035 possible combinations of gin and tonics. The bar’s over 400 gin labels and over two dozen tonic offerings pose quite the versatile menu. The Gin Bar will certainly house local and British brewed brands but will also host gins from around the globe. Prices will range from £9 for Rathbone London Dry, to £52 for the rare 1950s Taplows London Dry Gin.

The swanky and quintessentially English spot is a relaxed yet stylish option for your gin consumption. The copper-topped Gin Bar is has become a centerpiece at the Holborn Dining Room. You now have no reason to ever leave. The restaurant features modern takes on classic English cuisine, which you can now pair with iconic English gin drinks right at the bar. It’s as if they read your minds. If you’re going to go for gin, you should probably go where they have the most options.