5 NYC Haute Winter Dining Options You Haven’t Thought Of

There’s never a bad time to be in NYC, especially as a foodie. Doors open on a rotating basis as restaurateurs become more adventurous (and ambitious), and we’re forever keeping our to-do list up to date. In the past year, we’ve bid farewell to a handful of city favorites, including Michael White’s Costata, Top Chef Harold Dieterle’s Perilla and Kin Shop, Wylie Dufresne’s Alder and the beloved wd~50, David Santos’s Louro, and many more. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but these neighborhood institutions shutter for a number of reasons and it’s perhaps best to look on the positive side. White’s got his new Upper East Side hotspot Vaucluse (along with something else up his sleeve, always), Santos is diving into the pop-up game while focusing on his supper club concept, Dufresne has a new hotel restaurant in the works due early this year, and Dieterle is undoubtedly planning his next move in the midst of his sabbatical from the restaurant world. Economics are hard on the mom-and-pop model, according to him, and this becomes more and more apparent as we watch the market change from a consumer’s perspective. But this can only enhance loyalty, we presume. wd-50 held its post at 50 Clinton Street for over 11 years, serving as a pioneer and an icon in the modern food movement and earning its place in the hearts of foodies across the globe, but particularly on its home turf. There’s no one more loyal than a New Yorker, is there? That relationship with a favorite restaurant, the admiration for the driving force behind it, that’s got to count for something. And the same goes for every other key player in the business – while one chapter may have closed, the bond remains strong until it’s given a new home. It happens to many on either side of the playing field. And it goes without saying that we’ve always got our eye on the next best thing.

This month, we’re focusing on the new — meet the latest batch of dining destinations from culinary powerhouses of a variety of backgrounds, curated by our team of ever-loyal Attachés, the most passionate foodies in the game.