8 Gorgeous Truffle Products That Can Make Your Holiday

shutterstock_220240606Truffles have for many years been known as a fine delicacy, only found in gourmet kitchens and flavorful platters. With their natural and irresistible aroma, truffles have captivated food lovers for years, causing chefs to add them to their repertoires and making them one of the most coveted ingredients around. Known as the black pearls of the earth and backed with an entire history of superstition, truffles are still known as one of God’s gifts to humanity – which, when you try these truffle-infused products, you will certainly agree with.

The story behind Regalis truffles is one that will warm your heart and fill your belly:

The 23-year-old Ian Purkayastha, the boy we have to thank for all these delicious treats, has been selling truffles since he was 16 years old. Three years ago, Ian opened his own business, Regalis Foods which imports fresh European truffles from seven different countries and distributes truffles and foraged products to top restaurants in New York City. The Regalis line includes CA EVO infused with white truffles and black truffles. Boasting the only USDA organic truffle oil collection in the entire country, Regalis is on the shelves at Kalustyans, Eli Zabar and Brooklyn Kitchen. Top restaurant users include Atera, Momofuku Ko, Daniel, Eleven Madison Park and Bouley.

Get ready to cook with this winter’s most trendy ingredient and visit Regalis to shop for the country’s greatest truffles. Here are a few products from our favorite gourmet shop that we know you will love so much you will come back for more:

100% Organic White Truffle Oil

Infused with fresh white truffles from Le Marche, Italy, this fine olive oil hold a rich and creamy texture with a smooth earthy finish, ideal for your cooking your morning omelette or a simple fresh pasta.

100% Organic Black Truffle Oil

Hard to say which is the tastiest. Try them both!

IMG_0808Organic Preserved Black Truffle Carpaccio

Perfect on a slice of warm homemade sourdough.  

IMG_0813Organic Preserved Black Summer Truffle

Mix into a warm risotto for your holiday dinner and gourmet away. 

IMG_080718-Year Barrel Aged Balsamic with Black Winter Truffle

From Modena, Italy, the known home of thick, aromatic aceto di balsamico, a classically favored Italian condiment commonly used in royal Roman dining halls, this balsamic is infused with black winter Perigord truffles making a dense and luscious condiment. Drizzle on top of a fresh salad with some creamy Italian burrata and you will instantly fall in love.

IMG_0810Grass-Fed Wisconsin 84% Black Truffle Butter

Absolutely anything will taste better with this exclusive ingredient, guaranteed, so don’t wait to take your meal one step further with this incredible butter. Even if you are just making your breakfast toast, smear on some of this Regalis butter and get ready to savor a little taste of heaven.

IMG_0811Tennessee Black Truffle Honeycomb

I bet your pancakes never tasted so good.

Jacobson+Small+SaltJacobsen Flake Salt with Regalis White Truffle

Just the pop of flavor your meal needed.

*Regalis also offers top-quality truffle slicers in rosewood and steel.