Haute Secrets Boston: Dave Andelman of Phantom Gourmet

If you love food and restaurants, you know Dave Andelman and his brother Dan, the duo of brains behind the popular food show Phantom Gourmet shown every weekend on myTV38 (Boston). The show highlights New England restaurants, discusses their signature dishes and profiles local chefs.

Since its inception more than 20 years ago, the show has continued to gain momentum throughout the years–Phantom Gourmet now hosts annual sell-out foodie events, including a hot dog safari, BBQ beach party, food festival and wine and food fest.

Phantom GourmetPhoto Credit: Phantom Gourmet

This Saturday, Phantom Gourmet is hosting its food festival at Lansdowne and Ipswich Streets (near Fenway Park).

Arguably, no one knows the local dining scene better than Dave, who dines out every single meal. We caught up recently with him to find out some of his favorite restaurants and what he loves most about Boston.

Where were you born?  Boston

How long in Boston?  Most of my life

Where do you live now?  Boston

Occupation?  Hamburger Analyst

Best Sushi:  O ya

Best Italian:  Nick Varano is my favorite Italian

Best dessert:  A bag of chips from 7-Eleven with a  Big Gulp

Best place for a romantic date:  Sorellina

Best Sunday brunch:  Stella

Best place for a power business meeting:  No Name

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend?  Ritz-Carlton, Boston Common

Favorite Charity Event:  Hot Dog Safari

Favorite Cultural Event:  Phantom Gourmet Food Festival (I’m not very cultured)

Best Steakhouse:  For the money, Frank’s in Cambridge

Best Pizza:  Pepperoni from the original Regina Pizzeria

Best Gym/Athletic Facility:  Equinox

Best Museum/Exhibit:  Absolutely no idea

Favorite historic/legendary place to see or explore:  My condo, as I’m the man who passed the law allowing Sunday 10AM alcohol at restaurants, I believe it should be declared a historical monument

All-around favorite locale in Boston, whether a neighborhood, restaurant, venue, or other  North End, my parents went on their first date there

Best aspect of Boston  It’s small, tribal, beautiful, and fun