MIA: Nikki Beach Goes Back To Roots with Café Nikki


Cafe Nikki pastry

Before the tepees and white beds with billowy curtains, Nikki Beach was Café Nikki, an al fresco eatery opened in the name of proprietor Jack Penrod’s late daughter. While the restaurant was quieter than the raucous beach party that would come later, it was still very well frequented (I personally just missed Madonna by a few minutes back in 1999).

Cafe Nikki Interior

This time, they’re taking the “café” part very seriously, serving up a variety of coffees and teas, homemade croissants, quiches, pastries, European marmalades, and fresh daily bread from Miami’s most popular artisanal bread-maker, Zak The Baker. There are also croissants and other French pastries baked fresh in a Pavailler oven (a special oven they had to bring from France to replicate that “je ne said quoi” of perfect pastry from the old country). To further the authenticity they serve Alain Milliat marmalades and juices from Lyon.

Café Nikki is poised to serve as the go-to breakfast spot for South of Fifth’s fancy population. It’s a little bit laid back—and a little bit “South of France” perfect—featuring book shelved chocked full of eclectic elements and books for browsing. There are cushy couches to curl up in and suspended wicker swings to feel weightless in.

Cafe Nikki with Nikki photo

Not a bad way to get your day started or spend a contemplative afternoon in one of Miami’s best areas, is it? And to make it even better Café Nikki is going to offer South of Fifth residents (yes, you’ll need an ID) free coffee through September 30th because they’re betting dollars to doughnuts (or in this case, croissants), that they’ll be back once they’ve had a taste, they’ll be back.

Of course, Café Nikki does not take the place of the famous Nikki Beach, which still offers up one of the most fun brunches around on Sundays. It’s merely another way to enjoy the beautiful space that has become an icon, not just in Miami Beach, but around the world in Nikki Beach locations like St. Tropez, St. Barth, and now even Bodrum, Turkey. 

Café Nikki: 1 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach FL  Open Monday – Saturday from 9am- 4pm