Haute Groceries Delivered Fast in Dallas: Plāt App


Plāt Delivery is as close as your smartphone!
Plāt Delivery is as close as your smartphone!

Photo Credit: Plāt Delivery

Dallas’s new app-based service,Plāt, is one app that you want to introduce to SIRI and Cortana right away. Here’s why.

20th century cartoon, The Jetson’s, depicted 21st century life to be easy, with anyone having the ability to do anything with the help of a robot or a touch of a button. While we’re not buzzing around in spaceships quite yet life is certainly more “button activated” than ever.  You can reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, buy a new sofa, or book your next cruise all with your smartphone. Now you can even have organic groceries delivered right to your door within an hour with a quick touch of a button. Don’t need it quite yet? You can schedule the delivery up to seven days ahead of time.

Plāt delivers all kinds of things from all kinds of places but does not deliver everywhere. Be sure to check your zip code when you download the app to ensure you don’t find out your area is not one of the locations they deliver to an hour before you desperately need a bottle of Pinot Noir. If your zip code checks out then you are in.

Hanson Walker and Brent Rodgers, the minds behind Plāt
Hanson Walker and Brent Rodgers, the minds behind Plāt

Photo Credit: Plāt – Delivery

Pronounced “plate”, the free iOS app allows you to choose from a curated selection of grocery items and get them delivered right to your door. There is a minimum order of $35 and delivery is free. It won’t set you back as much as you might think — the costs of the products are similar to local stores.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you can open it up and you’ll see a pictorial list of what’s available. Dublin sugar cane soda? No problem!  Goose Island IPA? You just have to get the pretzels ready.

The idea that you no longer have to stand in line to pick up your dinner wine, or find a parking place to grab a pound of those fragrant beans at Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters is… sublime. What could you do with that extra time? What’s it worth to you?

It’s an exciting feeling, isn’t it? That first day of summer vacation feeling — leaving work and knowing that you can get into your comfy clothes, grab the TV remote and binge watch Mad Men on Netflix rather than pushing a grocery cart around a crowded store. It’s your own little piece of heaven. And Plāt brings it to you whenever you lift your finger.

You know, because you deserve it.