You Can Now Own the World’s Most Sought-After Luxury Military Tank

Ripsaw EV2

If you’re been obsessed with military gear, we have the perfect vehicle to add to your list of military infatuations. The world’s most sought-after high-speed luxury super tank, which was originally manufactured for the military, has just been made available to the public.

Created by Howe and Howe Technologies, Inc., the new Ripsaw EV2 is the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed. With its 600 diesel horsepower, this insane automobile is capable of taking on any terrain.

Interior of the Ripsaw EV2
Interior of the Ripsaw EV2

The exterior features a sturdy black open-top look that seems synonymous with a Batman movie. It has gull-wing doors, LED lights, a power winch, high-intensity light bar and 12 inches of suspension travel. The interior boasts plush leather, a touchscreen entertainment system and Jet-fighter-style steering wheel.

Ripsaw EV2

While there are not many details, we do know the Ripsaw EV2 is a handcrafted, limited run tank. According to the site, these kinds of vehicles may take up to six months to produce.

The Ripsaw EV2 is slated to cost well into the $100,000 depending on desired luxury and performance package.

You may have seen a Ripsaw-like tank dubbed the Peacemaker in the Mad Max: Fury Road film, which debuted in theatres last month. Howe and Howe Tech created a modified Ripsaw for the film. However, the movie version has an additional car body on top.

View the insane vehicle and what it is capable of below.

(Photos via Ripsaw EV2)