The Venetian and Palazzo Celebrate Summer with New Floral Displays


The streets of Venice are alive and in bloom at the Venetian and the Palazzo with a first-of-a-kind floral installation at the resorts.

The new summer display inspired by Venice’s Carnivale di Venezia celebrations took two years for the floral and horticulture teams to create from inception to completion. Hundreds of hours went into design and art direction. The spectacular display was first constructed on a computer model which took three months to build. Venetian women topiaries that stand approximately nine feet tall are the focal point of the summer display.

A team of 20 floral designers, gardeners, and engineers contributed more than 1,600 total hours toward the installation of the summer floral display. The topiary dresses are each constructed from approximately 2,500 flowers including roses, carnations, baby’s breath, Gerber daisies, phalaenopsis orchids, spider mums, and anthurium.

The new installation can be seen through September 1, with the décor and colors changing throughout the summer months:
·         For June, a touch of wedding glamour is seen throughout the display with shades of white, pinks, peaches, and creams.

·         In July, hot summer nights transform the gardens with jewel tones in hot pinks, purples, and reds.

·         And in August, to finish up the three-month show, the gardens and topiaries will begin to show the transition into autumn with orange, yellows, reds, and browns.

The gardens are adorned with a variety of plans including hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, kalanchoes, fleurette mums, ivy, ferns, and various topiaries with different geometric forms to enhance the Venezia feel.