Inside The Invite-Only Plush Fitness Club for CEOs ONLY


As a CEO you get the amenities of a plush office and ultra-luxe benefits. Whether in the office or outside you should always be at the peak of your performance. Shouldn’t there be a gym designed to push you to your peak as well as provide you high-end health and fitness, for only, well, CEOs like yourself? Well, look no further. Fitness First has created a workout environment for you in mind. Usher in Gravity, a posh health and fitness club designed for C-suite professionals.

The invite-only fitness club is nestled at the top floor of the CapitaGreen Tower in Singapore’s only CBD office building. It is 17,000-square foot and features picturesque views of the city. Its goal is to provide private environmental and holistic services. There will be a staff of 20, which includes nutritionists and fitness experts, who will manage stress levels, your workout progress as well as take blood samples to craft a tailor-made vitamin supplementation program. Staff members will also monitor how well you sleep and if your joints are aligned.

A mobile-based app will notify members to workout out more and connect them to other members in their network.


As for the actual equipment, expect top-quality cardiovascular and weight training machinery, 25 meter heated outdoor pool, meeting rooms as well as workstations.

“Chief executives do not want to be down there in the gym with a lowly clerk,” said Simon Flint, CEO Fitness First Asia, to British paper Financial Times. “This will be private and intimate.”

You can send all inquires about the ultra-luxe facilities and membership here.

(Featured photo via Shutterstock)