Bulgari Honors the 25th edition of Doha Fair with Its Zambian Emerald High Jewelry Necklace

For the 25th edition of Doha Fair, Bulgari presents a set-up inspired by the via Condotti 10 flagship store, refurbished by the renowned architect, Peter Marino has developed the concept of the Bulgari stand set-up.


Already the main entrance, made in breccia di serravezza marbles, recalls the architecture and the materials of the internal portals of the via Condotti store. The central area extends along an octagonal, a shape that is part of the architectural tradition of ancient Rome, inexhaustible source of inspiration for Bulgari.

Other references to the Condotti store are the walnut floor in star patterns, the eight-pointed marble star on the floor, the Elizabeth Taylor lounge and the Maglia Pantheon (the Pantheon Mesh) a bronze lattice-work screen that recalls the ornaments of the Pantheon’s floor.


Bulgari often tends to combine in his high jewelry collections with the finest and rarest gemstones with stones of relatively low intrinsic value, which are selected for their alluring colors. On display are several high jewelry watches and necklaces that will mesmerize in this category.

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