Living In The Now: Omar Alhegelan

One might expect that a world-renowned daredevil like Omar Alhegelan would relish in detailing his brushes with death when asked about them. For many extreme sport participants, being able to recount their tales of close and hair-raising encounters are nearly as adrenaline-boosting as the adventures themselves. Not so with Alhegelan, whose down-to-earth personality and gentle nature belie the untamed and brave spirit within him. When encouraged to share his near-death experiences for this interview, Omar demurely diverted the topic by stating that he’s had a few of those occurrences throughout his life, but that he’d rather not “focus on the negative, but rather maximize the positive…there is no sense to living in the past! Live in the now and tomorrow!”

Omar Alhegelan floats above Palm Island during one of his world famous skydive performances.
Omar Alhegelan floats above Palm Island during one of his world famous skydive performances.

A US National and World Champion Freestyle skydiver, Omar has spent over twenty years honing his famed abilities in the sky. While on the ground, Alhegelan has gained acclaim for his humanitarian efforts and dedication to encouraging others to explore areas of their lives that might scare them. He insists that fear is a boundary well worth crossing, stating that “life in itself is extreme; crossing the road is extreme. What is important is to educate oneself so as to minimize risk while appreciating the fun involved in following your passion.”

When he was four years old, Omar crashed through the second-floor window of his home while using curtains as a rope. He cites that moment as his unofficial entrance into the world of extreme sports with a smile blossoming widely across his open face. That flash in time has led him to where he is today.

Skydive Dubai in only six years has bloomed into what many frequently recognize as the world’s premier skydiving drop zone. When queried about Skydive Dubai, Omar humbly responded “It’s all about the vision of our treasured leadership here in Dubai, I am both honored and humbled to serve them, any manner.”

A man of deep intelligence and dimension, Omar is fluent in five different languages and has made his home on several different continents before settling in Dubai for the last six years. He’s an artist, painter and photographer in addition to being a successful businessman, actor and aerial stuntman.

His most recent adventure found him fulfilling the first half of what he calls his “Polar Dreams.” He’s always wanted to skydive from both the North and South Poles, and after immense planning, made a two week trek in grueling environmental conditions. His journey allowed him to soar above the North Pole, where he basked in the glory of the culmination of his life to that point.

With an eye always to the future and a mind full of endless possibilities, Omar spoke of his desire to continue to highlight the opportunities of adventure in Dubai, and completing the second half of his Polar Dreams. He quoted one of his favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, who said, “When a person follows their dream, the universe conspires to help them realize it.”

A true adventurer of geography, mind and soul, there is no doubt that Omar Alhegelan will continue to blaze new trails both in Dubai and around the world.