The Top 5 Accessories Every Man Should Own

Alex Ingram loves Boston. After moving to the area from his native London, Ingram was impressed by the idyllic backdrops and academic nature of his new home.

It was only as he pursued a degree in International Relations from Boston University, however, that Ingram started to notice something—Boston style is terrible. College sweatshirts and Red Sox caps abound, and it sometimes feels like they know of nothing but ribbon belts.

“A few years ago, GQ infamously named Boston “America’s Worst Dressed City,” and we’ve done a solid job of living up to the name; an unexplainable affinity for baggy shirts, pleated pants and the all-too-familiar Patriots jersey.”

And so Ingram co-founded A Boston Blazer—a men’s fashion blog dedicated to instilling ambitions of style in his Boston brethren—along with now art director Gabi Anderson. The site, which has gained a cult following across America’s college town, gently nudges readers to step away (OK… run away) from that North Face fleece.

bostonblazerPhoto Credit: A Boston Blazer

It is this accessibility and caring that first brought attention to the blog, which has been featured in publications like The Boston Globe, Urban Daddy and The Improper Bostonian.

Ingram’s blog touts the simplicity of stepping up your style game. He would rather get you comfortable with a custom tailored shirt before reaching for the yellow, suede Fendi’s (yes, they exist and over achievers can find them on sale here).

Haute Living sat down with Mr. Ingram for a Q&A on dressing simply (and stylishly), and the must have accessories of the season.

What is the biggest faux pas you see on the streets?
The most obvious one—and perhaps the easiest to fix—is the quintessential ‘going out’ shirt. It’s oversized and striped, and every guy at the bar is wearing it untucked. It’s tough to look good in it no matter how fit you are.

The good news is that—with lots of affordable well-fitting and custom options now on the market — it’s easy to find something that’s both comfortable and flattering. My particular favorites include Blank Label, a custom shirting company that builds a shirt from your exact specifications, and Thomas Pink.

What are the three staples every guy needs to up their game?
• Dark rinse, slim (read: not skinny) jeans. Bonus points for raw denim. I recently picked up a pair from Shockoe Denim that I love. APC and Baldwin Denim are other go-to favorites of mine.
• A serious pair of dress shoes—think Alden or Allen Edmonds—that you can pair with anything from suit pants to jeans. Steer clear of square-toes.
• A regularly scheduled appointment with a decent barber will go miles in improving your look.

Where do you receive inspiration for your looks?
F.E. Castleberry was one of the first guys to get me into menswear during my preppy days. More recently, I’ve been following the guys at NYC style blog Street Etiquette.

You promised to share your take on men’s accessories for fall.

1. Men’s jewelry can be a tough one to pull off—just saying it out loud makes me cringe just a little bit. However, there’s a secret to making it work: keep it masculine. By opting for a leather or brass option—like those featured from Giles and Brother and Corter Leather—you put enough heft on your wrist to keep things manly. Don’t be afraid to wear the hell out of it either—a bit of dirt, patina and rust go a long way to adding to the aesthetics of your wrist-wear.

BracePhoto Credit: A Boston Blazer

2. You have a plain black belt. You have a plain brown belt. Hell, you probably have some stripy, cotton belt your girlfriend picked up in the Hampton’s last time you were there. However, what you probably haven’t realized is there’s room to expand here. Austin Jeffers makes a killer pelican hook belt that will blow your traditional buckles out of the water. With some brassy heft to the hardware, the belt will stand out among your usual fall layers.

A Boston BlazPhoto Credit: A Boston Blazer

3. This may not quite pass as an accessory, but scented candles are my latest big discovery. I realize the whole premise behind scented candles for men may sound a little weak, but wait until you make your kitchen smell like fresh sandalwood on your next date night. Skip the floral options if you know what’s good for you. The hand poured in the USA option from Paddywax Apothecary featured above is a great starting place.


4. If you read this publication, you’re probably well on your way to owning a decent pair of shoes. They’re probably handsome, well-worn and fit in nicely with everything you own. This fall, take a step beyond that and tie up a fresh pair of laces in bright yellow or green. It’ll help your feet to pop out amidst the greys and browns of the autumn weather. We featured a great pair from Stolen Riches above.

lacesPhoto Credit: A Boston Blazer

5. Sure you can tell the time on your bent iPhone 6, but why would you do that if you can wear a killer watch instead? This fall opt for one that’s got a simple, metal face and slim, but rugged, leather strap. Bonus points if it’s made in America like the (recently kickstarted) bad boy from Throne Watches.

A Boston BPhoto Credit: A Boston Blazer


Watches courtesy of Throne Watches
Other accessories courtesy of Sault New England