BMW Unveils its Breathtaking ‘Vision Future Luxury Concept Car’

BMW debuted its idea of next-generation luxury cars at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show with its reveal of the “Vision Future Luxury Concept Car.”

BMW Future Vision Luxury Concept 1

The Bavarian automaker’s sneak preview of the futuristic saloon, which appears to be a highly updated version of its current 7-series, was mind-boggling, to say the least, given that the sleek ride’s proposed features and technology are nothing short of remarkable.

BMW Future Vision Luxury Concept 4

The front end of the sophisticated wheels is accented with beautifully crafted laser headlights and gleaming grilles, while its rear end has a sloping boot-lid and OLED taillight. The concept vehicle, which has a coupe-like side profile, is reportedly extremely efficient due to its streamlined design.

BMW Future Vision Luxury Concept


Coated with a luxe layer of Liquid Platinum Bronze paint, it was created using lightweight principles initially developed for its eco-friendly range of automobiles.