Haute Yacht of the Week: Steve Jobs’ Venus in Portugal


Venus in Portugal, late Apple founder Steve Jobs’ 256-foot super yacht, was recently sighted in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas bay. Jobs began building the impressive yacht around 2008, despite telling journalist John Markoff in the 80’s that there would be no yacht in his future. Jobs commissioned French designer Philippe Starck to craft the $137M yacht. Unfortunately, he passed away before he was able to use it.


For a while, the yacht was stuck in a port in Amsterdam pending payment to Starck from Jobs’ estate, though it seems Starck has been paid and the yacht can roam free.


According to PC Mag, the yacht appears to be controlled by a group of seven 27-inch iMacs from the yacht’s wheelhouse. Additionally, it spans 230-260 feet long, features a fully aluminum hull and a large pane of reinforced glass.


Photos and details courtesy of pcmag.com, Gadgetreview.com, likka-photos.com, cultofmac.com, onemorething.nl, theverge