Haute Jet of the Week: Gulfstream G650


This $64.5M Jet is perfect as your next big purchase. The Gulfstream G650 is massive, fast and essentially one of the best private jets you can buy…if you can wait to get one. The jet is in such high demand that orders are backed up through 2017!

Gulfstream G650

This jet has the tallest and widest cabin in its class, can climb all the way up to 51,000 ft., has a range over 8000 miles, a cabin with room for eight with big screen TV’s and massive seats, two Rolls-Royce engines, big cockpit windows, enhanced vision system for pilots and Synthetic Vision- Primary Flight Display.


An even cooler feature of this luxury jet? It pressurizes the cabin at a higher level than normal. The G650’s cabin altitude at 51,000 fee is 4,850 feet.

Gulfstream G650

Photos courtesy of businessinsider