Haute Event: Al and Nancy Malnik Host Make-A-Wish Garden Party At Their Estate

Shareef Malnik & Don King.850

Al and Nancy Malnik hosted their famous Make-A-Wish Garden Party at their Palm Beach estate on Sunday.  Shareef Malnik, girlfriend Gabriella Anwar, Tara Solomon and even famous boxing promoter Don King were on hand for the party. The Malnik’s have been involved with Make-A-Wish for almost 19 years and gave an unprecedented $1 million at last year’s gala. The gathering is mid-year from November’s main event and is for Make-A-Wish supporters. “It’s about saying ‘thank you’ to the hundreds of people who help us and support us and to inspire people,” said Shareef Malnik of the Garden party which featured flowing champagne, delicious nibbles and a beautiful display of candy that was as sweet as it was beautiful. In addition to hearing from a grateful young wish recipient, they announced the theme of the upcoming 2013’s gala. “The theme is magic,” said the younger Malnik, “Gabriella and I are working on a special surprise.”  Don King had this to say about the charity, “What Make-A-Wish really stands for is caring for each other; reaching out and touching each other. We are our brother’s keepers whether we want to be or not.” King is a friend of the Malniks.