The French Laundry’s Au Revoir Foie Supplemental Menu

Nobody does foie like Thomas Keller.  But as of July 1st, the ban goes into effect and it’s gone from all restaurant menus in the SF area.  Pouf.  As if it never happened.  If you’re fortunate to have a reservation for The French Laundry in Yountville this weekend, here’s a peak at the “Au Revoir Foie Gras” supplemental menu that’s being offered until Saturday night.   If you don’t have a reservation, now is the time to use the Centurion Concierge and benefits of “specially allotted tables”.   But fear not, if you can’t get in, you can always fly to New York and enjoy some of that fatty goodness at Keller’s New York outpost, Per Se.*  Nonetheless, we can’t help but indulge in from last minute hurrahs.

*Haute Living has refrained from making a giant stink about this silly ban because it’s not like it’s banned throughout the world!  Vegas is but a mere hour away and will still be serving this delicacy.  There’s always New York, Chicago, Seattle…oh the list goes on and on and we know how well traveled our readers are so it’s no big deal.