Newest Member Of Aston Martin Family, Virage, Retails For $232,905

The newest member of the Aston Martin line, the Virage, resurrects a moniker last used on a series of the British automaker’s V8 cars from the late ’80s to 2000.

However, the new Virage isn’t part of the current V8 Vantage Line. It’s a “tweener,” rather, with a V12 engine that slots above the DB9 and below the DBS. Like them, it’s built on the aluminum-intensive VH architecture and draws power from a 6.0-liter V12. In addition are the engine’s 490 horses and 420 lb-ft torque.

This particular model is rain-soaked and finished in in Tungsten Silver. It retails for $232,905

Source: autoblog