Haute Time Presents An Inside Look At Maitres Du Temps Timepieces With Founder Steven Holtzman At Basel World

At Basel World 2012, Haute Time sat down with Steven Holtzman, the founder of the very exotic and exclusive watch brand Maitres Du Temps.

The company was founded in 2007 with the concept of working with master watchmakers. The name Maitres Du Temps in English actually translates to “Masters Of Time.” With mixing two or three master watchmakers together, they have created something different that a solo watchmaker could not do.

Maitres Du Temps’ projects are created as “Chapters”with the goal of each Chapter being a page in watchmaking history.

Go to HauteTime.com to see the full video of Haute Time’s meeting with Maitres Du Temps founder Steven Holtzman and see the Chapter One, Two and Three timepieces in action.