Haute Auto: Geneva Debut for Lighter, more Powerful Ferrari California

Image: Ferrari.com

A lighter, more powerful Ferrari California will debut during the Geneva Motor Show. Production of the supercar has already begun, but the availability will vary according to each market with first deliveries scheduled for Europe.

The new version of the Ferrari California will make its debut during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. With a reduction of weight of 30kg and an increase in power output of 30 CV, the new version’s GDI V8 delivers 490 hp, new exhaust manifolds and engine mapping, cutting-edge aluminum fabrication techniques and technologies and a Handling Special package.

The Ferrari California’s performance has been significantly improved, reducing its 0-100 km/acceleration time to 3.8 seconds. Without taking away from the mission and character of the acclaimed car, the performance improvements heighten the car’s sporty feel meeting the needs of the clients who want a more dynamic, but not extreme, driving experience.

The Handling Special package features stiffer springs for more precise body control and comfort and faster turn-in with smaller steering wheel angles for a 10% faster steering ratio.

In addition to these technical features on the new Ferrari California, the car is now offered in more extensive colors, including two-tone finishes and three-layer paint technology.

Source: Wall Street Journal