Haute Auto: Mercedes-Benz E Superlight Carbon Fiber Halo Sedan

Image: Car Magazine

Mercedes-Benz has answered the competitive call from other luxury carmakers like Audi and BMW, who are making lightweight models, with the development of the E Superlight carbon fiber halo sedan.

A few months ago, reports indicated that Mercedes was considering plans to create an extremely lightweight carbon-fiber E-class, but new details have emerged and it appears the luxury carmaker is using the footprint of their E-Class and to develop a state-of-the-art sedan with the size of a CLS and the price of an S-Class.

The E Superlight isn’t just a concept car though – Mercedes is reportedly planning on building it in 2015 with a low-volume production and then come fully online by 2017. With regards to design, the car is expected to show elements from the F800 (C-Class-size) and F125 (S-Class-size). Car blogs note that halo cars like the E Superlight present the opportunity for Mercedes to break new stylistic ground. It will feature a state-of-the-art door concept with relatively short rear pantograph panels that swing out and back. With a strong and stiff carbon fiber structure, the car won’t have an aluminum chassis, reducing cost and complexity in addition to bringing down the weight of the car.

Source: Auto Blog