Haute Yachts: The Aston Martin Voyage 55

Every boy has loved and aspired to be just like the coolest man ever, James Bond. Who doesn’t want to make the ladies swoon ? The new Aston Martin Voyage 55 yacht will do just that. Designes by Luiz de Basto, this boat was inspired by car designs such as the the DBS, Rapide and the Vantage.

Generally, when we see advances in technology people like to advance things to a whole new level but with this new yacht this is not the case. Instead, the Voyage 55 has everything one would except in a luxury boat. This boat features a 2-person seating section, room for light luggage and of course the anchor.

What will really bring customers flocking to this boat is the design. It has a fantastic green hue and even better it has the gold Aston Martin logo on the engine front. Earth friendly buyers will love that this boat was made with a low carbon foot print as well as not using any wood at all. This boat takes going green to a whole new level, most yachts are known to have wood and the Voyage 55 defies that rule. Customers are welcome to add their own ideas and concepts to make the boat their very own. The boat is ready to be tested out on the waters, so snap one up so you can be just like Bond- gorgeous girl not included.