Hautos: Leo DiCaprio First in Line to Receive the New Fisker Karma Luxury Hybrid

Automotive enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating Fisker Automotive’s Karma premium extended-range EV model since the brand set an ambitious production date of late 2009. The California luxury automaker says it currently has 3,000 orders for the long-awaited Karma, with the delivery of the very first production model to go to lucky Leonardo DiCaprio, a stout advocate for alternative energy, as also evidenced by the green plans for his private island.

The Karma high-performance luxury hybrid will average an incredible 67mpg and will emit just 83 g/km of CO2. According to Left Lane, this means that the cost of running the super-green vehicle about a mere $0.03 per mile. The mechanics of the luxe green machine feature two electric motors and a 260-horsepower gas engine. The company’s assembly plant in Finland is currently only able to produce a handful of the anticipated models each week, but is said to up their production to 300 units per week starting in November.

Fisker has already signed deals with dealerships in major cities across North America and Europe, but the Karma is sold out until early next year, with Leo DiCaprio the lucky number one on the list. The Karma will retail from around $100,000. For more information, visit Fisker Automotive’s website.