Haute Dining: The Best Sushi in San Francisco

It is no secret that San Francisco has one of the best culinary scenes in the country. We really got it all: best Italian, best Mexican, best seafood. And if you are looking for authentic, gourmet and one-of-a-kind sushi to please your taste palate, we’ve got that too.

We think a lot goes into the right sushi experience. First the quality of fish; second is the custom with which you are greeted at the door: sushi chefs are to bow to you upon your entrance; third the atmosphere: the authenticity of the ambiance. Sushi spots are amongst the favorites of San Francisco residents: you can literally find a sushi joint on every corner of the city. But do you want to know the best of the best? Project Lena scouted, tasted, mingled with the chefs and came up with the top-notch four sushi restaurants in San Francisco.

1. Sebo
517 Hayes Street, 415.864.2181

Front row seating for some of the most beautiful and rare fish we have ever laid our eyes on; Sebo is the creation between Michael Black and Danny Dunham. These guys know what they are doing and they are doing it with the upmost passion. The focus is on the freshness and quality of the fish. Seated at the bar, you will taste fish immediately 12 hours after its caught in Japan and delivered straight from the three main fish markets. They only have crayfish that are in season: think baby yellowtail, pregnant octopus, extraordinary list of premium sake, highest quality japanese steel knifes and short grain rice. Sebo is the kind of place where you must sit at the bar. There you will be told a story about each fish that arrives in front of you. Michael and Danny are true artists.

2. Umami
2909 Webster Street, 415.346.3431

This stylish Marina spot is home to traditionally trained Akira Yoshizumi. Alluding to the richness of the taste, Umami tempts the senses to the its atmosphere. Akira-son is in close contact with Tokyo’s top fish sellers and his menu is created new daily basis to bring you the freshest sushi paired with spectacular sake selections. Tsukji Market in Tokyo supplies unique fish selection on Thursdays, Friday and Saturday. The best seats in the house are the corner table by the window and next to the cedar plank 11-seat bar.

3. Yoshi’s
1330 Fillmore Street, 415.655.5600

Jazz and sushi? Who could have thought the two would compliment each other so well. Modern and vast space with traditional and high-quality, seasonal ingredients make this sushi restaurant a great dining experience. Chef Sho prepares each dish with his own culinary philosophy: “Seasonal, Simple, with element of Surprise”. We love the traditional spices used delicately on his dishes. Some of our favorites are deep fried flounder, ocean seaweed salad, fresh blue shrimp, and mouth watering aji sashimi.

4. Hama-Ko Sushi

This is hidden 8-table treasure in Cole Valley and “hole in the wall” sushi hideaway. It is tiny and is run by elderly husband and wife who are, what feels like, straight out of a Japanese village. The fish is superb and amongst the finest in the city. The evening’s selection much depends upon what Kashiyama was able to score from his own fish broker that very morning. But even for such a small place there are few items that are always on the menu and are a must try: Japanese scallops, house special monkfish liver, fresh uni and salty roe. When you dine at Hama-Ko you feel like you are at Mr. and Mrs. Kashiyama’s relaxing home kitchen.

5. Ozumo
161 Steuart Street, 415.882.1333

Bay Bridge through the windows, spectacular sake and cocktail selections and superb sushi bar is what Ozumo is all about. The chic and elegant atmosphere pairs perfectly with chef’s Sho Kamio signature items like herb marinated ahi tuna fillet, yellowtail collar ribs with seaweed sauce and nor wrapped tiger shrimp is something you will never see at any other restaurants in U.S.

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