Share and Share Alike at 94 Mass Ave.

Perhaps we are all becoming loners in this digital age.  Our need to stay connected often has us texting those who are not with us rather than engaging those we are seated with.  We eat on the go, live by our smartphones and use our status updates as public therapy. It is a bold new world.  But one thing has not changed. Sharing a meal together with family and friends is one of the great joys in life.  94 Mass Ave. is banking on this last one.

Newly opened on Mass Ave, just around the corner from Newbury Street in the space formerly housing Match Burgers and Martinis, 94 Mass Ave. is a communal eating establishment.  In other words – meals are meant to shared.  Much like the fondue trend that has touched the city of late, portions here are made for sharing and tables are clustered for large groups.  So, rather than bring a date here – bring a double or triple date or gather the folks at the office for a rousing good time in what feels like an old-world establishments.

Small plate offerings range from edamame with smoked salt to fried chicken, honey glazed biscuits and gravy. Taco and mini sandwich plates also share menu space alongside sizeable shares like fondue, paella and truffled mac n cheese.

Cocktail concoctions are conversation starters as well with inventive use of ingredients like yuzu juice, velvet falernum and aperol aperitif. Plus, ordering a celebratory pomp + circumstance cocktail on an ordinary Monday night can be a real game changer.

So get the gang together and remember your kindergarten lessons well: Share with your friends.

94 Mass Ave is located at (not surprisingly) 94 Mass Ave., Back Bay, Boston 617.927.4200