Amaz-ING, the new concept restaurant from the folks at Moto

Ing. It’s everyone’s favorite suffix literally meaning progressive or continuous and the concept behind Chef Homaro Cantu’s newest endeavor. Cantu is an internationally recognized chef and leader in the field of postmodern cuisine and an inventor of futuristic food delivery systems.  Called the Willy Wonka Chef, Moto has been serving edible menus for years and is now in the process of developing a Miracle Berry that neutralizes your taste buds to manipulate the taste of known flavors, like straw and cactus to give them delicious flavors. The goal of this odd science project: to end world hunger by providing these berries to third world countries.

Chef Cantu’s innovative approach to cuisine and food delivery has influenced thought across several disciplines. His “edible paper” have been featured in Gourmet (cover story October 2006), in Food and Wine (November 2006) as well as in the Wall Street Journal (June 2006) and American Scientist (August 2005).   Fast Company (May 2006) featured Chef Cantu and Cantu Designs in a cover story entitled “Weird Science”.  Cantu Designs’ interactive utensils were part of the exhibit “Feeding Desire, Design and Tools of the Table, 1500-2005” at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum of the Smithsonian Institution.

ING is the new sister restaurant next door to acclaimed Moto, filling the former space of Otom. And in the basement? His food lab.

951 W. Fulton Market. 855.834.6464.