Haute Secrets New York: Nikki Haskell

Haute Secrets New York

Name: Nikki Haskell

The Stats: Born in Chicago; lived in New York’s Upper East Side since 1968.

Why she loves New York: It’s the city that never sleeps.

New York powerhouse Nikki Haskell is no stranger to the fast-paced lifestyle of the Big Apple and is best known for her business ventures within the health and entertainment industry. Her products have targeted high-profile celebrities and received considerable reviews from the masses. Haskell has been admired by all for her multimillion dollar entrepreneurial savoir-faire in health and beauty. In addition to her many years of success, Haskell has grown accustomed to the best that New York has to offer in spite of her Chicago-bred roots. Extraordinary eateries such as Le Cirque in the Upper East Side and posh line-up events during Fashion Week all run high on the top of Haskell’s metropolitan favorites.

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