Blue Skie’d and Clear at Carbon 12 Gallery

Currently on view at Carbon 12 gallery in Dubai is “Blue Skie’d and Clear,” a group exhibition portraying notions of the everyday through various photographic images. Photographs by Birgit Graschopf, Yuko Ichikawa, Maria Maeser, Jamie Baldridge, Maximilian Pramatarov, and Hazem Mahdy are featured in the exhibition. The works by these artists manipulate and play with time and space, seemingly ordinary situations, and simple landscapes. The resulting images conjure up haunting poetical allegories and mesmerizing reinterpretations of the everyday.

Yuko Ichikawa reflects upon metaphysical ideas turning them into beautiful and contemplative visual exercises as seen in Present of Heaven-Fire (2009) and Present of Heaven- Earth (2009) (above).

The work of  Maximilian Pramatarov plays with seemingly ordinary landscapes injecting them at once with both melancholy and playfulness such as in Dive (2009) (above).

Similar to the other works in the exhibition, Jamie Baldridge distorts and rearranges found reality to create mesmerizing and surreal juxtapositions as seen in The Socrates Safe Co. (2009).

The works in “Blue Skie’d and Clear” are haunting and enchanting. They simultaneously intrigue and enrapture the viewer to enter into their space of recreated reality. The show offers the visitor a meditation on the other side of everyday things and a journey into the wonderful world of the unknown.

Blue Skie’d and Clear is showing at Carbon 12 through September 25th, 2010

All images are courtesy of the artist and Carbon 12 Gallery.