Top Five orGLAMic Water Bottles

Be sure to stay hydrated this 4th of July weekend, and all summer long, with a reusable water bottle that is as stylish as it is functional.  Carrying and refilling one of the bottles listed below is good for your health by eliminating toxic chemicals in disposable plastic bottles and good for the planet by eliminating waste from landfills.  We are making it easy for you to live orGLAMically with our carefully curated selection of Top Five orGLAMic Water Bottles.  Happy hydrating!


When a mere water bottle is not enough, the creatively named KOR ONE Hydration Vessel should do the trick.  Despite having several bottles at my disposal, this is the one that personally gets the most usage in my household.  The flip top and ergonomically designed handle makes taking this BPA-free bottle anywhere a breeze and mine has already seen it’s fair share of trips to Malibu and Rome alike.


While this isn’t the only ‘filter in a bottle’ on the market, this is certainly the most chic option I have come across.  These bottles are reasonably priced and perfect to keep one in your gym bag, one on the boat, one in the convertible…you get the point.  The easily replaceable carbon-filter-top lasts for 2 months or 40 gallons of water (whichever comes first) and the bottles are available in blue, green, black, red, yellow and magenta.


For those of your that prefer an aluminum alternative, SIGG is the leader of the pack with their hundreds of fabulous shapes and designs.  Offering smaller bottles for children and flip tops for the athletes out there, there is truly an option for anyone who wants to stay orGLAMically hydrated all year long.   And for those of you that like to be exclusive – the company offers high design limited-edition bottles as well.

Love Bottle

This San Francisco-based company adds a unique spin to the reusable bottle market.  Made of 20% recycled glass, these bottles offer a throwback to the past with their shape and ceramic swing-top lids.  With kitschy designs and patters, one can also personalize the bottles by writing or drawing directly on the label.  I think that these would make a fantastic party favor or unique gift!


One of the many delightful products by Lifefactory, these glass water bottles are free of known harmful chemicals including bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates and PVC.  It should go without saying that I love the sleek modern designs of these bottles and the fun punch of color that the medical-grade silicone sleeves add.  These generously sized bottles are sturdy and easy to carry throughout the busiest of days.

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