On the Links

This June marks the fifth year that Pebble Beach Golf Links will host the U.S. Open Championship. First opened in 1919, the landmark course designed by Jack Neville and Douglas Grant has since hosted the championship rounds in 1972, 1982, 1992, and 2000. This year, from June 14 through 20, the posh Pebble Beach Resorts destination will welcome pro-athletes and their families, corporate sponsors, and legions of die-hard golf fans from around the world.

Preparation is already under way, and we have the inside scoop on the entire tournament and the surrounding area.

The Game, 2010

The Championship is individual stroke play over 72 holes. While normally Pebble Beach Golf Links plays to a par 72, the second hole will go from a par 5 to a par 4, bringing the overall par down by one shot to par 71.

Course Improvements

In preparation for the tournament, legendary golfer Arnold Palmer was commissioned to enhance the acclaimed course. Four greens and 16 bunkers were rebuilt, altered, or installed; 11 tees have benefited from enhancements; six holes have seen the addition or adjustment of trees (including Cypress); and the total length of the course has been extended 7,040 yards. “Pebble Beach is a national treasure to the game of golf. I am proud to have a hand in preparing it for the 2010 U.S. Open and for all golfers who come to Pebble Beach to enjoy its many challenges,” says Palmer.

The U.S. Open Championship 2010 Stats

• More than 14,000 bleacher seats will be constructed and installed for this year’s tournament

• More than 210 tents with 400,000 square feet of canvas will be erected

• 65,000 guests are anticipated to be served in the corporate hospitality village

• 175 courtesy cars will be provided for competitors’ use by Lexus and Toyota

• 120 maintenance staff members will be on hand from 40 golf courses nationwide

• 57 mowers and trimmers will be used to prepare the course each day

• 4,400 tons of bunker sand will be used

• 6,500 volunteers, split between 27 distinct committees, will donate their energies to the success of this year’s Open Championship

• 1,500 media from 25 countries are expected to be on site to cover the event