Dreams really do come true – Smiley Faces Foundation Inaugural Event

Nothing spreads universal joy like a smile. Unfortunately, 1 in 600 infants is born with a cleft, or opening in the lip or palate. Surgery costs upwards of $100,000 and is simply an unattainable dream for many families. A cleft lipped child can suffer not only from a broken smile, but speech, auditory, nutritional and dental difficulties.

Adam Bell

Visionary couple Adam and Donna Bell, were deeply affected by this condition when their child Ethan was born in 2005 with a severe cleft lip and palate. Four years later, Adam Bell, Executive Editor of Seventeen Magazine, formed Smiley Faces Foundation. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds to assist the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery The Cleft Lip & Palate Clinic located at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Natasha being shot by photographer Nigel Barker (America's Next Top Model)

Join Adam and Donna Bell, the children, and world renowned photographers at the Red Bull Space in NYC for an evening of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and heart warming stories that are sure to leave you grinning ear to ear.  The event will showcase portraits by 21 world renowned photographers, such as Peter Lindberg, Markus Klinko & Indrani, Nigel Barker, of cleft-lipped children who were able to undergo life changing operations. The evening will be sponsored by Red Bull, Kiehl’s, TyKu and Todd English’s Juliet with music by DJ Mick Boogie and Locksley.

On Photo Set: photographer Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, Lucas, photographer Markus Klinko, fashion stylist GK Reid

Everyone involved in the Smiley Faces project has generously donated their time and services in order to ensure 100% of the proceeds from the event are donated.
When: Tuesday, April 27, 2010.
Where: The Red Bull Space, 40 Thompson Street
Tickets: $150 and are available for purchase by visiting http://www.smileyfacesny.com/gala.