The Yas Hotel by Asymptote: An Architectural Gemstone of the Desert

Monumental in structure and size, original in design concept, the Yas Hotel is an unforgettable sight. The 500- room hotel is now one of the main architectural features of the 36 billion dollar Yas Marina Development in Abu Dhabi. Designed by Asymptote architects Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture who envisioned an architectural monument which would reflect the elements of speed and movement, the Yas Hotel also recalls the artistry and geometric patterns of ancient Islamic art.

This great architectural construction of 85,000 square meters is comprised of a 217-meter expanse of curvilinear forms made out of steel. 5,800 diamond-shaped glass panels contain around 5000 LED fixtures making it the world’s largest LED project. This grid-like shell creates what appears to be a veil draped over the entire complex containing two hotel towers connected by a bridge just above the Formula 1 track. The resulting biomorphic shape of the hotel easily reflects the surrounding sea, sky, and desert landscape and glistens with light in the evening as if it were an uncovered gem. The perfect setting not only for Formula 1 but for any special event the hotel celebrates, the Yas Hotel is bound to be a treasure not just for Abu Dhabi but for the UAE at large.