The Do It All Bag

Known for their exquisite designs for both men and women, Hermes has recently created a bag to satisfy both genders simultaneously.  The designers have recently promoted their new unisex Jyspsiere shoulder bag that sports both a smart and sleek design for both chic men and women.  The bag is the delightful fit for those in search of the perfect combination of class and comfort.

The bag’s color is in a light chocolate brown with Hermes’ signature Clemence (bull calf) leather.  Strength and durability will not be an issue with this fashionable bag as it sports a thick adjustable strap that would hang elegantly on any stylish shoulder.  Along with a classical touch, the bag also packs in plenty of convenience for its busiest wearers.  Accessories range from oversize pockets to cell phone holsters; this is truly a trendy do it all bag.

Hermes offers two sizes depending on the buyer’s needs.  The price ranges from $7,600 for the smaller size and $8,100 for the larger size.  The smaller size features six elegant colors while customers can acquire the larger size in either one of two shades.  Not too many designers know how to offer the best of both worlds but clearly, Hermes has the tools.  By offering such a smooth and sexy bag that offers not only convenience but unisex appeal as well, Hermes demonstrates why they are such influential designers.

It is also important to note that the bag conveniently holds our publications, so it is in our haute readers’ best interest to snag this bag soon.