Ramen Noodles Done Right

Finally, Ramen noodles done right, so good in fact that only the hautest diners are privy to the dish.  A restaurant in Japan is offering a noodle soup dish for an astounding $110, but the price well worth it.  The dish, according to its creator, takes three days of preparation and contains a plethora of only the best kind of ingredients. With just one spoon full, you will experience 25 years of gastronomic expertise as well as a spectacle of thick, mouth watering meats, tongue tingling spices, and of course garden fresh vegetables.

“Five-taste Blend Imperial Noodles” is due entirely to Fujimaki Gekijyo’s imagination and passion for fine noodles.  Gekijyo’s restaurant is based out of Tokyo and this dish in particular has garnered the veteran chef some serious attention from food critic and connosieurs.  He defends the pricy noodles saying that he believes they are one of a kind.

“I believe that this is indeed the number one noodle soup in the world,” says Gekijyo.

Many diners agree with the famed restarauter , and 49-year old diner, Hideko Furusawa says “It’s certainly expensive, however, I think that it is sometimes better to come here and spend ten thousand yen than to go to another place and spend a thousand, ten times.”

Other competiting locations offer similar meals for no more than $10 and Gekijyo himself offered a much less expensive version in the past.  According to the chef himself, the former dish provided diners with above average ingredients as well but simply uncomparable to what he considers a globally one of a kind dish offered abosolutely no where else.

Price is not that only reason this meal has spiced up so many conversations among culinary enthusuasts.  Exclusivity has also been a topic of discussion as Gekijyo’s restaurant only accepts reservations. And those allowed to make reservations, well in order to attend this exquisite Japanese restaurant, diners must first eat at one of Gekijyo’s other restaurants first.  Oh, and please know what you will be ordering before hand because the restaurant offers no menus to its diners.  Our reader should definetly hop aboard their jets and make their way to this unique cultural experience.