The Defining Elements of Good Design

It can be argued that your home is the most important space dictating how you experience life. And while design trends may come and go there are certain foundations upon which great décor must be established.

The Art of Placement in Boca Raton, Florida identifies these core elements as style, comfort, and function. All three “play off of each other to create spaces that are personal, inviting, and practical, transforming the house into a home,” explains Nancy  Feldman, the president of The Art of Placement, Inc. in her recent newsletter.

Feldman’s work in renovating a Florida pied-à-terre for a Boston couple was selected for a recent design magazine cover because of Feldman’s adherance to those three core concepts. The style of the couple is reflected with a “relaxed but slightly glamorous beach retreat using the color green in elements all over the home, but more prevalent in the living room and kitchen,” says Feldman. Comfort was tended to with custom designed couches and chairs to provide adequate coziness and support while still adding to the style of the room.

And finally, Feldman chose to incorporate function with a bit of play as well. “Our featured home had numerous functional features but one of the most fun and convenient was the pot filling faucet above the stove.  Its great for lobster dinners and the hidden microwave drawer wasn’t bad either,” Feldman explained.

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