Weighing in on San Francisco’s 2009 Restaurant Openings and Closings

2009 was a year filled with great new places to eat in the East Bay, but in San Francisco, it’s felt like just one high-profile closing after another, with once successful places like Jeanty at Jack’s, Cortez, Plumpjack Café, and Jack Falstaff all closing down within months of each other.

MenuPages has just gathered and created their list of openings and closings for 2009, and it shows us that although about 100 restaurants closed, over 200 new ones opened their doors, including over a dozen pizzerias. Of the places that opened, only a few closed up shop within the same year, like Azul and B’s BBQ. That’s not so bad. For every Zinnia there was a Flour + Water and a Nopalito (shown above), and Acme Chophouse may have closed, but it’s becoming two new restaurants very soon. Even this pawn shop/liquor store on Sixth Street transformed into the Passion Café in the final days of December.

Perhaps it wasn’t such a terrible year after all. Here are some more statistics:
Total Openings: 201
Total Closings: 101
Neighborhood with the most openings: Financial District (33)
Neighborhood with the second most openings: Civic Center/Tenderloin (24)
Neighborhood with the most closings: Financial District (13)
Neighborhood with the second most closings: SoMa (9)
Month with the most openings: April (21)
Month with the most closings: September (17)

Via: Grub Street San Francisco