Stationer to the Queen Smythson Sold for $29 million

Smythson, the ultra-luxury stationer which supplies all of the Queen of England’s stationary and leather-bound diaries, has just been sold for $29 million

Smythson of Bond Street is and has been the Queen of England’s number one supplier when it comes to luxury stationary and leather-bound diaries since1964 when Smythson was granted a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen. In March the firm went up for sale, and reports are saying that it has now been officially sold for $29 million to “Greenwill SA, the holding company for Tivoli Group, an Italian leather goods manufacturer.”

Smythson has been adamant about the fact that the sale was not at all motivated by financial hardship but rather as the result of several parties having expressed strong interest in acquiring the business—now it seems that one of those offers was just too good to pass up.

The founder of Smythson, Frank Smythson, opened his first luxury stationary store in London in 1887 offering “First class stationary, leather goods, and cabinet work.” While the company certainly has come a long way since then, the high-end luxury stationary store remains one of the worlds most well regarded.

On top of all of the stores Smythson has in England, there are international locations in New York and Beverly Hills.