Le Nez Du Cafe: Getting Acquainted with Coffee

It’s Monday morning and many of you are probably sipping your freshly brewed coffee as you browse through the morning news. This new product by Le Nez Du Café may take your morning coffee routine to a whole new level.

The new Revelation kit is brought to you by Le Nez Du Café (the nose of coffee) and it includes 36 of the most typical (and delicious) aromas found in coffee in a beautiful wooden case. The kit provides a scent alphabet that enables you to get the full coffee experience by first sniffing aromas in the collection one by one, and gradually accustoming yourself to the various subtleties within each aroma.

Created by the same company that produced a similar kit for wine aficionados, the Revelation kit comes with a handy explanatory booklet that outlines the main features of each aroma and further explains details such as which aromatic family they belong.

The kit, including the 36 aromas, booklet, and the wooden case, sells for $525.