Corona Cigar Company Wants Tiger Woods

Just when you thought the Tiger Woods saga was beginning to quiet down, reports of a new company looking to sign the troubled professional golfer have surfaced indicating that Woods’ new media appeal may begin to work for him after all.

A cigar company in Orlando, Florida has just offered Tiger Woods an endorsement deal. While the $100,000 offer is peanuts to the billionaire golfer, it’s certainly something to consider after many of his higher-paying endorsement deals are falling through the cracks.

Corona Cigar Co.’s management has commented that “the sex scandal involving Woods may just make it possible for companies with small pockets to do business with him. The offer is a way to let Woods know he still has fans in Central Florida.”

While there’s clearly no question about the fact that Woods still has some extremely supportive fans that are eager for the athlete to sort out his family situation and return to golf, it does beg the question; would Woods actually take a new endorsement deal right now?

Jeff Borysiewicz is Corona Cigar Co.’s president and founder, and he says, “It’s real easy to kick a guy when they’re down. It’s not that easy to stand up for somebody.” He adds that his company has never before made a sponsorship offer.  

 It is reported that the company has faxed over an offer letter to Mark Steinberg, Woods’ agent, however there has been no response as of yet.

Borysiewicz said, “There’s a lot of synergy between smoking cigars and golfing,” adding that many of his customer’s do enjoy both pastimes. Woods, who owns homes in Florida, has actually visited Corona Cigar before, at least once in the company of his friend Charles Barkley, former professional basketball player.

If Woods did take the deal, it wouldn’t be the first time he worked with a cigar company; he was on the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine in June 2008.

Despite the fact that some of Woods’ major sponsors are keeping their distance for the time being, Borysiewicz believes that the golfer will bounce back in no time. He says, “I feel confidence, in a year or two from now, this will pass.” Here’s hoping.