Ivana Trump Gets Escorted Off Flight

Ivana Trump had an eventful holiday weekend after she tried to take a flight from Palm Beach, Florida to New York City but had to be escorted off of the plane by sheriff’s deputies after voicing her dissatisfaction about the goings-on in first class.

On Saturday afternoon, Palm Beach International Airport got quite a show as Ivana Trump, first ex-wife of billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump, had to be escorted off of a flight which was New York City-bound because she allegedly was screaming and cursing at children who were running up and down the first class aisle.

Trump was seated in first class of the flight and became agitated prior to take off because children were running up and down the aisle near her and screaming. It is reported that Trump verbally expressed her discontent in a way that some found offensive, and when the flight attendants attempted to calm her down by offering her another seat and headphones, it’s reported that this further agitated Trump, who became more belligerent.

The pilot decided to pull back to the gate and call for help at this point. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Trump used the “f” word toward the crew and passengers and screamed in “vulgar terms for the children to shut up.”

Trump was asked by deputies to voluntarily exit the plane, but after she refused numerous times, deputies “physically escorted her off the aircraft,” said officials. Trump was picked up at the airport by her driver shortly after.

Trump was not arrested or charged with anything following the incident.