Beverly Hills Gold Parties Are All The Rage

In an effort to avoid the disgrace of running to a pawnshop, some of the privileged (or shall I say formally privileged) are now throwing “gold parties”. And what may you ask is a gold party? Very simple, take those infamous Tupperware parties, or even those uber popular botox parties and replace them with a party to sell your grandmother’s priceless heirlooms for a bit of cash. I’m sure Nana will be happy to hear her $1,000 earrings, will helped pay that water bill last month.

Times are tough, and the economy is apparently non discriminate, the gas bill also comes to Beverly Hills and the way things have been going it is becoming increasingly difficult to pay it. Enter the gold party, a more private and I guess dignified way to make ends meet without announcing to the world- hey I’m going broke here!

And when it comes to discretion it is no wonder that Beverly Hills gated community residents are taking every precaution to keep their laundry tucked away. Recently, they have even started to kick out those non-resident students to avoid a leak in their repertoire. Okay, officially it is because of the lack of funding from the state, but what an interesting coincidence, don’t you think?

The lesson here is you never know what the neighbor is doing, but rest assure as long as there is gold they will never be poor.

Via: Gawker, NY Times