Old-American Style Golf Course Comes to Dallas

Now that the Tiger Woods scandal is dwindling down, we bring you a less controversial story on the golf world. At a time when course construction projects have stalled, stopped, or suffered, and country clubs seem to be opening their gates to just about anyone, The Tribute, a lakefront golf community a half-hour north of Dallas, is finishing working on what seems like an impressive new eighteen.

Called the Old American Golf Club, it pays homage to the country’s golden age of golf architecture (from 1910 to the mid 1930s). In those days, course designers relied mostly on the natural contours of the land. Their example inspired Old American’s designers, Tripp Davis and the PGA Tour pro and Dallas native Justin Leonard. The course, which hosted preview rounds this fall and will open officially to the public next spring (or summer), contains a classic old-style appearance.

Via: Luxist