Victor Issa Creates Living Bronze

Sculptor Victor Issa is leading the way for American sculptors with his remarkable and innovative ability to make bronze appear alive. Artistically adhering to his hallmark “Creating Living Bronze,” Issa’s creations embody his life-focused spirituality, respect for the human figure, passion for perfection, and undaunted perseverance.

Issa has been sculpting professionally for nearly two decades and as one of the foremost figurative sculptors in American today, he is extremely active in the fine arts community as co-founder and president of the Loveland Sculpture Invitation Show & Sale, the largest sculpture show in the United States.

His studio is appropriately located in the foothills near Loveland, Colorado, “an art colony famed as the sculpture capital of America.” He shares the awe-inspiring environment with multiple internationally-recognized sculptors, including Kent Ulberg, Rosetta, George Lundeen, Herb Mignery, Fritz White, and many more.

Much of Issa’s work is first done on detailed miniature studies before a staff of talented artisans assist in the meticulous process of translating his work to a clay model in the final size that is subsequently perfected by Issa himself. The inspirational process of perfecting a sculpture is incredibly time-consuming and painstakingly detail oriented, and the time and skill required is reflected in the high value that collectors place on Issa’s remarkable works of art.

Issa’s incredibly life-like creations have been featured in shows and exhibitions across the country since 1985, and in private and public collections worldwide. Issa will soon be participating in a 10-week art show, Celebration of Fine Art, which starts on January 16, 2010 and runs through Mark 28, 2010 where art enthusiast can view his newest work, including the above pictured monument, Power of Thought.

Issa’s website notes that Power of Thought was inspired “by the drive that has led men and women through the ages to expand the human experience. The sculpture is an acknowledgement and a celebration of this extraordinary experience and the related achievements. Through twenty-five detailed features, the sculpture tells some of the stories of this human journey.

To learn more about Issa and his unique ability to create living bronze, please visit his website.