Hermes Scarves for Auction

Artcurial, a French based auction house, is the only auction house to dedicate two sales annually to the Hermes brand. Recently, it pulled in over 1 million dollars on Nov. 10th! Some items, including a Birkin bag (duh) sold for way more than the original retail price.

Luxury-scarves has the most comprehensive collection of vintage Hermes scarves on the market. The site is the brain child of an antiques dealer, who began collecting and scouring markets and secondhand shops for his other business, and what started as a personal collection developed into a huge resource for collectors and fashionistas.

There are  already many dealers who collect and sell Hermes items. What makes this site so unique is not only the size and scope of the collection but the manner in which it is organized. All it takes is to search for a scarf based on name, color, size, condition, material or designer. Once a chosen item is located, five different views of the scarf are shown along with its name, who designed it, when the scarf was first produced, subsequent reissues and available colorways and materials. The price of the scarf is listed in both euros and dollars, and there are over 1,000 scarves with photos to be used for research and non-commercial purposes.

Feel free to use it’s sister site, Luxury-shops should you want to buy a bag to go with your scarves.

Via: Luxist