Art Basel Miami Beach Just Keeps Getting Better

The time has come again, when winter birds flock down to Miami and art lovers around the world come to experience the culture and fun that is Art Basel Miami Beach. This year the turn out is expected to be more grandiose then past years.

While a few official sponsors have been considering toning down the parties and events, due to everyone’s favorite excuse-the economy-many unofficial parties are already in the works. And because art collectors around the world are expected to take over the city, hotels are back to setting their high rates to accommodate the yearly visitors. It looks like things may be looking up for the economy, at least in art world terms, even if most of the hype has very little to do with the art, and more with the prospect of 24 hour long partying and great sales leads.

And who will be footing the bill? Those real-estate developers who propped all those empty towers around the city that’s who. They hope the young, jet setting; moneyed demographic that is some to flood the Miami Beach will brings some much-needed business. Art Basel Miami Beach 2009 come for the art, stay for the discounted real estate. Either way, those who truly come for the art, will get to enjoy it and those who come for the party will get to enjoy that too. Everybody wins in Miami.
Via: City File