The Beckham’s Christmas Dinner with Chef Ramsey

The Beckham family is in for a very special Christmas treat this year as celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey is scheduled to cook a private meal for the footballer-Spice Girl family.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey typically arranges for a chef from one of his many high-end restaurants to cook for David and Victoria Beckham and their children on Christmas, however this year, the family is in for a very special and personalized meal cooked by chef Ramsey himself.

Ramsey is scheduled to cook Christmas dinner for the Beckham family in their Hertfordshire home next month and a Beckham source says, “Gordon wasn’t going to leave his friends in the lurch. There is no one better to be cooking your Christmas dinner, so David and Victora can’t wait. They are great pals and their kids get along brilliantly together. They are delighted they will all be around the same table with their families on Christmas Day.”

Most of us are still anticipating the delicious turkey dinner that is coming our way this Thursday for Thanksgiving, but if I had chef Ramsey coming to cook Christmas dinner, I think I’d be slightly distracted as well. That is one Christmas dinner table I certainly wouldn’t mind sitting around.










Via: Unreality TV