Haute Secret: How to Get a Table at Bouchon

One of the hottest places in town is none other than Thomas Keller’s Bouchon restaurant in Los Angeles, and we all know what happens when restaurants become the “it spot”…it’s nearly impossible to get a table. Here are some suggestions on how to do just that at Bouchon.

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that Thomas Keller’s Bouchon restaurant is rumored to be booked up for dinner until March. True or not, there are still some ways you may be able to be amongst the masses who are enjoying some good old high-end fine dining this winter.

Some are suggesting that perhaps the best way to get a reservation at Bouchon right now is to just not make one. Touché, I know; but hear me out. Bouchon’s main dining room does, in fact, require a reservation, however, the bar and patio areas run on a first-come-first-serve basis. See where this is going? The earlier you and your dining buddies are able to show up, the more likely it is you’ll be chowing down on some delicious Keller cuisine. Bouchon currently starts its dinner service at 5pm, however they do plan on changing that to 5:30pm in the near future, so for the meantime, perhaps call ahead to find out what time exactly is dinner served. Note: if you do want to try this method, remember the patio is outside, and Los Angeles nights can be chilly. Dress accordingly.

If, however, your heart is set on dining with the lucky few who make it into the main dining room, then why not try lunch there? The in-demand restaurant will begin to serve lunch this Saturday, and you can enjoy your Bouchon experience from 11:30am to 2pm. The best news? You will be able to enjoy the exact some menu that you’ve been missing out at dinner time because the restaurant will not have a special lunch menu. If you want something lighter because it’s lunch time, the menu does include items such as a frisee salad, a quiche, and a Croque Madame, as well as dishes from the raw bar.

If all of this is fine and dandy with you, but your heart is still set on getting the coveted dinner reservation, why not put your name down for their next open spot, and enjoy these alternative methods to dining there in the meantime? It’s really a win-win situation.

Via: LAist