Haute Accessory: Sennheiser M 450

Tired of having wires determine your range of movement? Sennheiser has just created the perfect solution to the problem with the new luxury M 450 travel headset that is compatible with a wide array of Bluetooth enabled devices.

Bluetooth sets are quickly picking up as the solution to many people’s ‘wire’ problems, and keeping with the haute accessory trend, Sennheiser has created the M450 travel headset.

The M 450 headset is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices meaning you now not only enjoy hands-free, but also wire-free communication and entertainment. The company responsible for this innovative and chic device boasts crystal-clear sound quality due to the product’s active noise reduction capabilities and A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile.

The headset is travel ready as it features airplane direct cable adapters and a closed-capsule design with built in volume control features. The set uses a lithium-polymer battery which can be easily charged with a simple USB chord. A great idea for the holiday season, the M 450 costs $480.

Via: Luxury Launches